Registration of civil registry documents in Romania

Registration in Romania of civil registry documents from abroad
(Obtaining Romanian civil registry documents based on civil registry documents issued abroad)

It is made with the approval of the Mayor. The application of registration is submitted to the Mayor of the place of residence in Romania, for those Romanian citizens having a domicile in Romania, to the Mayor of the place where the Romanian citizen had his/her last domicile in Romania in case of Romanian citizens living abroad or to the Mayor of District 1 Bucharest in case of Romanian citizens who never had their domicile in Romania.

The application for registration can be made in person or by proxy with a power-of-attorney, authenticated at a notary in the country where you live (in certain cases an Apostille is also required) or at the Consulate of Romania near you (in this case Apostille is no longer required).

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Death certificate

Having a power-of-attorney from you, we can represent you in Romania to perform all the necessary formalities for the registration of your documents.

Please contact us to discuss the specific procedures, timeframes and necessary documents.