Obtaining documents from Romania

Obtaining documents from Romania To obtain the documents that you need, in addition to the services of translation, legalization, Consular legalization and apostille, we are able to provide you representation services, when needed, based on a power-of-attorney, from various institutions in Romania.

Where appropriate and, of course, when possible, we can act as your attorney-at-fact, with a power-of-attorney legalized either at the Romanian Consulate in your area or at a notary public in the country where you live (we request a power-of-attorney only when it is absolutely necessary). After obtaining the documents, we can deal with the delivery of your documents in safe conditions.

Below you can find examples of documents that can be obtained through a power-of-attorney:

Study documents (certificates, diplomas, etc.) from various education institutions (schools, high schools, certificates attesting residence and Romanian citizenship etc.)

Civil Status Documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, civil status certificates, certificate attesting residence and Romanian citizenship, etc.)

Excerpt of the civil status documents (birth, marriage, death)

Certificate attesting the person’s residence and citizenship or the legal status towards the Romanian State

Baptismal certificate, Certificate of Holy Matrimony

Certificate/Proof of celibacy – necessary for the Romanian citizens who wish to enter into a marriage abroad

Certified copies of civil decisions in the Courts’ archives (divorce decrees etc.)

Divorce certificates (obtained through administrative channels)

Certificate of Criminal Record – issued by the competent Criminal Record Service

Tax Residence Certificate – issued by the competent Romanian tax authority

Tax Offence Record – from the competent Romanian tax authority

Real Estate Register Excerpts – from the competent Land Registry Office

Certificate of Insured Person from the Health Insurance Fund – attesting the status of the Romanian person – of insured or not-insured

Documents from the Trade Register (confirmation of company details, certified copies, etc. for natural persons and legal entities, from the Romanian Trade Register Office).

We are ready to help you, irrespective of the country where you live, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to receive for free an estimate of time and price quotation.