Certified or Notarized translations


To assist our clients – individuals, we provide certified translations services (with certification report, stamped and signed by a translator licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice) and/or notarized translations (in which case the translator’s signature is legalized by the notary public).

Translations are performed by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice, responding to your needs quickly and professionally. We focus on quality, not on quantity, and our translations are rigorously checked to avoid typing errors or other errors that may appear in the translation process.

We take stringent measures to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and of the translations performed by us.

We guarantee the delivery of the translations within the deadline mutually agreed with the client, even for those urgent orders. We offer the best prices for the translations you need. For details, please contact us. You will receive in the shortest time possible and for free all the information related to the translation of your documents, as well as an estimate of time and price.

To save time, you can send us your documents scanned, by e-mail. You can pick-up the documents translated and notarized, if necessary, from our office situated in the street Grigore Alexandrescu No.39, District 1, Bucharest. If you want, we can send for free the documents scanned by e-mail or, depending on the order value, we can deliver them to you by courier.


We have over 10 years of experience in various areas of specialization: legal, economic, technical, marketing, etc. and thus we have acquired a good grasp and deep understanding of the areas in which we work and of the specific terminology.

Over the time we have successfully managed numerous translation projects for both individuals and multinational companies present in Romania, for notary public offices, law firms, non-governmental organizations etc. We know what means to take over quickly an order, to work it with professionalism, and to respect our commitment in terms of delivery time.

We offer complete solutions to your translations needs. Working with us we assure transparency in project management, confidentiality of all documents translated, free shipping by courier (depending on the value of the order), we facilitate translations’ notarization, Consular legalization, Apostille (where appropriate), we offer flexible payment conditions.

We can conclude service contracts with our customers, contracts in which we always include a confidentiality clause. We provide written certified translations, but also interpreting services, even in conditions of emergency. We are at your disposal when it is necessary the presence of a translator/ interpreter at the notary’s office for the purpose of signing official documents (declarations, powers-of-attorney, contracts etc.) by foreign nationals not speaking the Romanian language.

We can work remotely during the whole process of performing translations, staring with receiving the order by e-mail, offering a delivery time and a price quotation, delivery of translations in electronic format, editable and/or scanned, payment by bank transfer, everything can be done online, without unnecessary trips. If you need the translations printed, on paper support, the delivery can be made by courier or in another way, as agreed.

You can pick-up the documents translated and notarized, if necessary, from our office situated in the street Grigore Alexandrescu No.39, District 1, Bucharest, or from our office situate in the street George Calinescu No.52, District 1, Bucharest or we can deliver them by courier to the address indicated by you.

Please contact us and tell us what you need, details about your order and we will promptly send you a price quotation and a delivery time.

A standard translated page contains 2000 characters with spaces, calculated using the tool Word Count in MS Word. The total number of characters with spaces in a document is divided by 2000 and thus we obtain the actual number of translated pages of such document. Calculation is made for the target document (resulting after the translation is made). If the document you want to translate is not an editable document (word.doc), but a scanned document (jpg, pdf image, etc.) or on paper support, we can only approximate the number of pages resulted, and at the end of the work we will be able to determine the exact number of translated pages, using the above procedure.